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A fresh approach to solar modules
Created for Solar Module Manufacturers and Solar Module Users worldwide

COOLBACK® is an innovative and internationally patented application for the solar industry that integrates – and replaces – the standard solar module frame and backsheet functionalities.

Solar modules equipped with COOLBACK® outperform conventional modules by delivering more output and a prolonged lifespan in modules, while reducing stacking volume – for the same cost as conventional solar modules.

Developed for utility-scale solar installations in areas with relatively high irradiation, the integrated backsheet/frame solution provides effective heat management by cooling solar modules through natural convection and radiation.


Rear side of solar module


COOLBACK® beats back the losses

COOLBACK® enhances the yield of solar modules by tackling the main losses in kWh output. In limiting losses, COOLBACK® also prolongs the productive lifetime of solar modules, giving immediate and long-term benefits.

1. More Output
1. More Output

Boost output by reducing the losses due to heat development, dust and dirt.

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2. Longer Lifespan
2. Longer Lifespan

Reduce degradation levels caused by operational temperatures, bending and humidity.

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3. Smart Structure
3. Smart Structure

Minimize stacking volume and costs with an intelligent replacement for traditional frames.

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A different way of thinking

We believe that energy costs can be lowered by finding the right solutions for standard mass-produced Solar Modules. This is especially important for utility-scale installations within areas of relatively high irradiation.

Our goals:

Improve temperature management in PV modules


No added costs per Wattpeak


No changes in production


Cost-effective transport; no added weight and less stacking volume

Solution: COOLBACK®

An integrated backsheet / frame solution that improves performance in output and lifespan by cooling Solar Modules through natural convection and radiation.

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