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With a background in development of Low Concentration PV our focus on temperature of PV was eminent.The gains to reach were clearly visible. But how to achieve these goals without adding costs per Wattpeak or making production complicated?

A new way of design thinking started with a “less is more” approach. Strict limits on costs, weight and production changes. This resulted in the COOLBACK design.

Discover the coolest innovation in PV Solar: COOLBACK

About our company
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Sales, Research & Development and Production: located in Zuidbroek, province of Groningen.

Outdoor Solar Test Location: in Sevilla – Spain and Doha – Qatar



Imagine all Solar Modules, produced from this very moment, to deliver extra output and have a longer lifetime.
This effect is COOLBACK’s contribution to a more sustainable world.

The high irradiation locations of the world are excellent for Solar Harvesting at large scale. COOLBACK solves for a big part the local disadvantage of heating up and loosing efficiency .

COOLBACK Company prefers to work together with companies that provide and use a Solar Module Bill of Material (BOM) that’s as environmental friendly as possible




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Management team with established track record in Solar,
Supervisory Board with (former) CEO’s in Energy & Industry.

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