2011     Start-up in Low Concentration PV.

              Funding by shareholders, Navus Ventures and PPM Oost.

2012     Establishment in the Netherlands as a Private Limited Liability Company Optixolar BV.

2014     Supervisory Board established, entry of Henk Hutting as co-shareholder.

2015     Focus on cooling of standard PV modules, initial designs of COOLBACK®

2016     Extensive testing and production program first version COOLBACK®, funded by shareholders .

2017     Patent application, start of pilot test sites in Spain and The Netherlands, intensive research and sourcing.

              Funding by shareholders and European Union / Province of Gelderland. 

2018     Second production COOLBACK and testing. 

              Brand name registration, preparation for production, launching customers.

              Company name changed to COOLBACK Company.

              Collaboration with DSM started. 

              Investment in COOLBACK® Production and Assembly Machines

2019     Market Launch of COOLBACK, first delivery of COOLBACK® to launching customers