Longer Lifespan

COOLBACK reduces degradation levels

COOLBACK® reduces degradation levels by tackling issues that shorten a module’s lifespan:
High operational temperatures – Stress & bending of the module – Humidity penetration of the backsheet



COOLBACK® improves module performance by reducing module and cell temperatures. This has 2 immediate effects: an increase in output and a reduction of peak level module temperature. Backsheet polymer materials benefit enormously from lower temperature that, otherwise, would hinder the backsheet in every thermal cycle. Lowering temperatures by 5-10°C at peak levels increases the lifespan of materials by 10-20%.


Stress on modules and cells is mainly the result of temperature-based expansion and bending, caused by wind load on the mounting system.COOLBACK® is designed to minimize bending and degradation (micro-cracks). A smart structure covers the entire back side of a module with stable profiles, significantly reducing bending caused by wind load. And because mounting is not restricted to the frame or rim, the unit can be connected to any point that best supports the load in a given situation.


COOLBACK® uses materials that are specifically designed to prevent humidity from penetrating the module. The aluminum backsheet acts as an impermeable barrier to humidity, curbing degradation.

Reduced degradation through clamp mounting: Comparison

COOLBACK® mounting is showing minimal displacement by providing mounting
without a frame, but with much better performance due to full backside COOLBACK®
profiles and strategically positioned clamps on the back.


Total displacement d from homogenous mechanical load with 2400 Pa for
the full framed PV module (a) and full unframed PV laminate mounted with clamps (b).

The color of the legend shows the displacement values in mm.
The displacement is represented by the deformation of the geometry (to scale).


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